Dr. Ajith Kumar

RF & Electronics Laboratory, IUAC

Ajith Kumar

The Phoenix project is the brainchild of Dr. B. P. Ajith Kumar, a scientist working with the Inter University accelerator Centre of India.

His main area of work is development of instrumentation for particle accelerators and associated experiments, including radio-frequency accelerating structures, control and data acquisition systems, digital and radio frequency electronics modules.

Dr. Ajith Kumar initiated the PHOENIX project by designing a parallel port based interface and organized a training program for teachers in 2005, and continuing with it. Does designing, developing experiments and writing software and documentation for all the equipment from this project. Spend some amount of time in conducting training programs.

His selfless and dedicated efforts led to the latest development expEYES and expEYES Junior ( computer interface for teaching physics and engineering following the philosophy of Free Software. ExpEYES is currently the cheapest educational system to teach science.

Dr. Ajith Kumar has been a user and propagator of Free Software in the field of education for several years.

V V V Satyanarayana

Data Support laboratory, IUAC

Actively involved in this project from the beginning, providing support in hardware fabrication and testing, trouble shooting and , if required, modifying the analog circuits involved. Did the analog circuits for the alpha spectrometer. Also involved in the activities of the teaching Lab maintenance.

Other people from IUAC who has contributed to this project are:  Jimson Sacharias, Kundan Singh, Parmanand Singh, Deepak Munda and S Venkataramanan.


Pramode C E,

IC Software, Trissur, Kerala

A programmer and consultant on Free and Open Source Software based technologies from Kerala

HE introduced the idea of using Python language for Phoenix , something that had a tremendous impact on the project. Suggests new ideas and solutions and also works for spreading awareness about the project.

 Experimental Physics with Phoenix and Python, by Pramode.C.E


Georges Khasnadar

Teacher of Physics at lycée Jean Bart, Dunkerque, France

Georges Khaznadar (USA)

Georges Khaznadar is a teacher of physics and chemistry in lycée Jean Bart (Dunkirk – France), he authored a few programs used to teach physics and chemistry.He has also participated to the publication of Freeduc-CD, a bootable CDROM featuring about fourty educational applications, and is currently working on educational derivatives of the bootable system Knoppix, based on USB keys. See

He is member of OFSET, a not for profit Organization promoting the use of Free Software for Education and Training (

Due to his efforts expEYES software is now part of Debian GNU/Linux and it’s derivatives like Ubuntu. He did the localisation of software and documentation, French versions are already available, Created a logo. Introduced PHOENIX in Europe, first using in his school, then took to others, resulted in a retailer for expEYES there. Suggested a lot of creative ideas for the project.

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