ExpEYES has got a slot in GSoC 2014

Thanks to FOSSASIA …… ExpEyes project  has got a slot in GSoC 2014;
perhaps the first open-hardware project from India to be accepted for



GsoC: 2014

GSoCGoogle Summer of Code is a global program that offers students stipends to write code for open source projects. GsoC has worked with the open source community to identify and fund exciting projects for the upcoming summer.


fever_logo1FOSSASIA has come forward as a partner to support our project through GsoC. FOSSASIA is working together with a number of Open Source developers in the region and function as an umbrella for different projects. The aim of the FOSSASIA community is to develop and adapt free and open source software for social change with a focus on Asia and Asian users.

About Project:

Project Title : Plugins for ExpEYES – An Open Source Portable Science Lab


Organization: FOSSASIA

Mentors: Mario Behling, Phuc Hau & Hong Phuc

Short description: ExpEYES ( Experiments for Young Engineers and Scientists) is an Open Hardware and Free Software framework for developing science experiments and classroom demonstrations. This project will work on developing a set of plug-ins for ExpEYES. These plug-ins with GUI’s will enhance the scope of ExpEYES for using it to perform several experiments in mechanics, sound and waves. Project will also focus on adding features for using acoustic and motion sensors for various science experiments.

Student : Praveen Patil

Involvement in the Project :

Working as a volunteer for ExpEYES project. Created and maintaining an ExpEYES blog site. Actively involved in conducting training programs on ExpEYES and Python for students and teachers. Developed Gnu/Linux based Live-CDs for ExpEYES. Working on new experiments with ExpEYES.

GSoC Updates are here www.gnovi.edublogs.org


About Praveen Patil

A Physics Teacher....@ G S S College, Belgaum , INDIA................................................................................................................. I love to learn and to help others to learn as well. It gives me an immense amount of joy to see others succeed, and I want to help students along in this process of learning. The encouragement and help of my professors has greatly influenced me in pursuing a career in teaching. I want to have this same supportive influence on future generations.
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