ExpEYES: Open Source Initiative to Physics learning through Experiments

From: Electronics for Bharat

ExpEYES: Open Source Initiative to Physics learning through Experiments

We came across an astounding development made by our Bharteya(Indian) Students at Inter-University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi. This project is call the ExpEYES and is targeted to help students in universities and school to perform Science Experiments, Projects and Demonstration of concepts. The design is a combination of the Hardware & Software Framework combined to enable real time measurements and analyze data.

Source: http://expeyes.in/design-of-expeyes

The best part of all this is its completely Open Source, including the Hardware. The software part is mostly made up in Python. And the entire development was performed in Linux. The hardware is interfaced via USB
and capable of operating as signal generator, frequency counter and low frequency oscilloscope. This also includes the internally generated references and +5V outputs to help interface the external peripherals.

Source: http://expeyes.in/

There is well documented User Manual available for the Hardware as well as a set of 50 Experiments that can be performed on theExpEYES.
The Software package need for this hardware is already available in Debian Package form as well as for other linux in a Tgz archive. Apart from the software packages included there are few generic Python libraries that might me needed to make this working, here is a list:
PyGrace – http://pygrace.sourceforge.net/
PySerial – http://pyserial.sourceforge.net/
The Graphing Front end used is Grace:

Picture of the Software Front end graphing the LCR Measurement

The Python Library needed to make the ExpEYES hardware interface is also available. The Firmware loaded on to the ATmega32 chip that the hardware uses as a core is available with Bootloader (as part of Another Project called MicroHOPE).

We congratulate the Innovators of the ExpEYES: Ajith Kumar, V V V Satyanarayana, Jimson Sacharias, Deepak Munda, S. Venkataramanan for their visionary creation. 
We are also thankful to PHOENIX Project
Inter-University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi for promoting Open Source in education and research in Bharat(India).


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