Deccan Chronicle: Open hardware to get a boost

Article From: Deccan Chronicle

  • March 28, 2011
  • By T. P. Nijish
  • After the Free and Open Source Software concept took off, the idea of Free and Open Hardware will be introduced among the youth in the state.

For the first time, the inter-university Accelerator Centre (IUAC) under the UGC will introduce their Open Source Free Hardware concept ‘ExpEYES’ among students and youth in the state, to promote experimental science.

Special programmes which will introduce the Free Hardware concept to students will shortly be held in schools, colleges and professional institutions across the state.

Under the concept of Free Hardware, the hardware designs can be free in exactly the same way software can be free. The design of an instrument or its circuit details will be published on the internet or any other media for others to learn from it, improve on it, or even second-source the same device.

P. Ajith of IUAC, said in the Free Hardware concept, the interface to the hardware must be explicitly made public, so the hardware can be used freely, others can implement it and learn from it. The tools used to create the design should be free, so that those who want to, can develop and improvethe design, he said.

“We will provide ExpEYES Hardware Kits to schools, students and others with the help of private agencies. We have already published many circuits and usage details on our website and the user manual available has about 50 experiments,” said Ajith.

This is the first time ExpEYES, the revised version of the ‘Phoenix’ is being introduced in the state. The first phase of programmes will be held at Farooq college in Kozhikode on Saturday and at St Albert’s College in the city on Monday.


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